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Like No Other:  Chaco Canyon

Like No Other: Chaco Canyon

  • Author: JanSIrons
  • Date Posted: Mar 31, 2015
  • Category: ,
  • Address: Chaco Culture National Historical Park, NM

An experience like no other.  A National Park like no other.   Telling the story of the original Anasazi settlers in Chaco Canyon from 850 AD to 1150 AD … any way you look at it over 1000 years ago.  Not that big of a deal until you think that the USA has been in existence for 250 years +/-.  YIKES!  I love history and these ruins fascinate me.  Don’t miss the links:

Is It Possible to Take a Camper on The Road to Chaco Canyon?  13 miles of rough dirt road with the last 4 miles even worse … no other campers in the campground while we were there, want to know what it’s really like?

7 Fun Things to Do at Chaco Canyon  Includes photos from Gallo Campground as well as the best hiking trails and more … as an International Dark Skies Park (one of 4 in the US), you won’t want to miss camping at Chaco, there are no other accommodations!

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