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Coast to Coast … Almost!

Coast to Coast … Almost!

  • Author: JanSIrons
  • Date Posted: Sep 21, 2014
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  • Address: Scottsbluff, Nebraska

Welcome to TrailerTraveler! Share our adventures: read our campsite reviews, enjoy the photos and laugh at our misadventures. When David retired, he said we’d never go anywhere he can’t wear his shorts. Join us as we cross the USA looking for shorts weather.

Want to follow where we are right now and forget the map?  Click on “Latest News” on the top blue menu of any page, including the home page.  Bookmark “Latest News” to find out what we’re up to quickly.

All the way to Chaco Canyon! We made it!

What’s next? Our goal is to keep David wearing his shorts all year long!  Join us for our first “snowbird” winter starting Monday!  Where?  Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, south Texas, New Mexico … We just finished our 5,300 mile month’s road trip west including 7 National Parks.  Our first major adventure was three months, March, April and May, 10,000+ miles, 20 states, 16 national parks/monuments and countless state & local parks, along with off the beaten path explorations including a pit stop in New Orleans for a bit of jazz.

A screenshot of the TrailerTraveler map -

The Trailer Traveler Map – this is just a screenshot. Click the map at the top of this page or return to Home (click on the Trailer Traveler logo) for the responsive map.

We love using Google Maps so you can see where we’ve traveled, but using them isn’t always intuitive. Here are a few things you should know to get the most out of this site.

Using the Homepage Top Menu & Map

1.  Click or tap to move the map around – explore!  Clicking or swiping with your fingers will zoom in or out – or use the + and – buttons in the lower corner.

2. Click on a Red Marker to see the Highlight Box for that location.  If the Highlight Box is under the blue header, pull the map down with your fingers or mouse. Move the map with a swipe of your finger or click of the mouse. Zoom in or out by clicking the mouse or swiping your fingers.

3. Clicking on “More Information” in the Highlight Box,  will take you to the Listing where there are links to our experiences and posts about that park/area.

4. At any time, to return to the map home page, click on the Trailer Traveler logo in the top blue menu bar.

5. Click on “Toggle List View” on the far right side of the screen to bring up a scrollable list of each listing in date order.

6. Under the map on the bottom of the page, there’s “All Listing Types” and “All Locations”  to allow you to go directly to subcategories, such as National Parks, Beaches, Amazing Places or locations by state.

For example, to find all the campsites we’ve visited in North Carolina, click “All Listing Types” and select “Campsites”.  Then click “All Locations” and click “North Carolina”.  Then click on FILTER to get the results – the map will show all the red markers that contain campsite information in North Carolina.  You may need to click on the map and move it around to find all the results.  Or just click on the “Toggle List View” on the right side for an easy list view of all our Campsites in North Carolina.

7. Clicking on “Latest News” at the top menu bar will take you to the posts about the places we’ve been so far. Click on “read more” on a post excerpt to see the entire post and all the photos.  To return to Latest News chronological list, click on “Latest News” in the blue menu bar.

8. Click on “Essentials” at the top menu bar to access specific information on our favorite eats (recipes or restaurants), favorite gear, learning curve or our RV checklists.

9. Click on “Map” to the left of the Highlight Box to toggle between street, satellite and terrain view maps.

10. Enjoy!  Be sure to let me know what you like and don’t like about, — leave input via comments.  Letting me know what you find useful will help shape the future direction of

Cheers, THANKS and Enjoy!    Jan & David












  1. I loved reading your blog. Thank you! We just purchased our 1685 Lance in September of 2016 so we have not had a chance to use it yet. We live in Colorado so it was too late last year. You blog has been very helpful!

    • Hi Traci! Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoy reading TrailerTraveler! Hopefully you love your 1685 as much as we love ours – maybe we’ll cross paths out there someday soon! We’ve been out in ours since November (now March) – headed to Big Bend National Park & Davis Mountains State Park in Texas tomorrow for a couple weeks! Cheers! Jan

  2. Hi Jan and Dave,

    Just curious if you have considered Canada parks as an option in the future?

    You seem very fond of your Lance trailer and I was wondering if you have any thoughts about Airstream trailers other than how outrageously expensive they are!

    I keep trying to convence myself someday I will retire but I continue to enjoy work too much.

    Best wishes


    • Hi Ron! Yes, Canadian parks are in our future … just trying to find time to fit everything we want to do into the months available! 🙂 We looked at Airstream trailers. Quite honestly, I’m not impressed. I like the bulletproof aspects, but I really didn’t care for the living space. Yes, our Lance is a “box” trailer – a fact that the Airstream dealer seemed quite willing to exploit. Maybe the Airstreams “tow better” and are more aerodynamic, but our Lance tows fine. It may be a “box” but it’s a cozy box and I like the size of the tanks, the space, the storage, almost everything about it … well, maybe except the shower. We didn’t think the Airstream offered much storage and if I remember the tank size is smaller (we have 46 gallon fresh, gray & black water tanks). To get an Airstream light enough to tow with our original 4 Runner, we had to go down to the smallest size – unimaginable to me for liveability. And then there’s that price-tag. No Airstream in our future, although you never know maybe someday we’ll stumble across something we like better than our Lance 1685 … could be another trailer (still small, no big trailers for us) or … ***gasp*** another cruising boat. But first we have to accomplish most of the items on the current list … which could take awhile! 🙂 Cheers! Jan

  3. Hi how you are still having fun.i look forward to learning from you. Beautiful pictures. Do you visit family along the way? Just want to learn how it all goes.
    Thank you:)
    Susan C.

    • Hi Susan! Thanks! Yes, we’re returning from our Wild Wild West Adventure Fall 2016 – we’ve visited 2 sets of friends, Whitefish MT & Wichita KS and our son & his fiance in Denver. So I guess the answer is YES we visit family and friends along the way. 🙂 Cheers — Jan

  4. Can’t wait for our adventure to start

  5. I do not see a link that allows me to follow by email. You have some interesting posts. Kay and I are planning on traveling full time starting October 2016 when I retire. We would love to follow your blog.

    • Hi Russ & Kay! Good question! Since this isn’t a “professional” blog, I didn’t think to add a way to be notified when new posts appear. I’ll do some research to see options & hopefully remember to add a comment letting you know when it’s ready! Cheers! Jan

      • Maybe Russ just missed it, but I see it now and have signed up to “follow by e-mail!” Thanks!

        • Hi Kay! Russ didn’t miss it – based on his request, I added it. Hopefully it’s working! I did a test and got a response, so when I do a new post (Sunday), you should get an e-mail. 🙂 THANKS! Cheers — Jan

          • Thanks, Jan. Will let you know Sunday if it pops! 😉

          • THANKS Kay! 🙂

  6. I have already learned about some new places I want to stop in my own Motorhome!

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