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Do We Need Towing Mirrors?

Do We Need Towing Mirrors?

Do we need towing mirrors to tow an RV or our travel trailer?  Depending on the vehicle, towing mirrors may be a necessity, they certainly are on our little Toyota 4 Runner!  Without them there’s no visibility around our 20’9″ Lance 1685 travel trailer.  Our dealer recommended them and we bought them on the spot … one less decision since we knew nothing about towing a travel trailer when we bought our 2014 Lance 1685.


Here are the mirrors our dealer recommended, available at Amazon.


Milenco DM-2912 Grand Aero3 Towing Mirror Twin Pack Universal grand-aero-mirror_300x300

“Design mounts on all existing mirrors. Easy grip clamp attachment, no tools required.  Balanced design stops vibration. Wide view including top to bottom of your towed unit.  Stainless steel screws with brass inserts. Innovative patented design.  Spare parts available.  Works with curved mirrors. Comes with Storage Bag”


  • We don’t notice them and don’t think about them. They stay on and keep on doing their job.
  • A frequent complaint is vibration at “high speeds”, we’ve had no vibration, but remember that we tow between 55-60 mph due to the size of our tow vehicle
  • They’re sturdy enough to have survived over 11,000 miles to date.
  • They’re universal and fit our Toyota 4 Runner perfectly.
  • We can remove them and store them inside when not in use or just when we don’t want to leave them out.
Cottonwood Canyon Road - our towing mirrors can stay in place even when we're exploring!

Cottonwood Canyon Road – our towing mirrors can stay in place even when we’re exploring!


  • At somewhere around $100/pair, they may not be the least expensive towing mirror addition on the market, but we think we got what we paid for … value for a well made product.
The Mississippi River Bridge in our towing mirrors.

The Mississippi River Bridge in our towing mirrors.

Since we have no experience other than these mirrors, are there other towing mirrors you like?  Please leave a comment and share!  Cheers!  Jan


  1. We recently purchased a 2016 4runner TFORCE W/tow package etc. Had been towing 32 ft bumper pull with 08 3/4 ton 4×4 duromax but it is gone. I kept all tow hardware though. My question is what type of brake controller did you install on your 4runner?

    • Hi Johnny – I’m not sure what type of brake controller we had on the 4 Runner. The dealer installed what they thought was best & since we were brand new to RVing and it worked great, we never paid attention. Sorry! Cheers — Jan

  2. I opted to install a wireless backup camera from Rear View Safety. It works great. We are towing a Whitewater Retro 195 with a Jeep Grand Cherokee with the 5.7L hemi.

    • Hi Roy — we’re interested in your wireless backup camera. Did you get one with a freestanding monitor and one camera? Or are you using the version that shows up on your smart phone? We’re assuming the camera is mounted on the rear of the trailer? On the bumper or …? Please let us know, our Tundra has a backup camera but all we see is the front of our trailer! 🙂 Thanks! Jan

      • Hey guys our garmin nuvi, has a wireless camera. It has come in handy when backing in to tight spaces when your solo. Also kind of neat when your going down the highway to see what’s coming. The BC30 needs to be wired to power but the camera it self is wireless.

        • Thanks Marcel! Unfortunately we don’t have a Garmin Nuvi, we use GoogleMaps and GoogleMaps on my phone and the navigation that came with our truck. We also have a Garmin Etrex for hiking, but it doesn’t have any camera capabilities. Thanks, hopefully someone else can use this info! Cheers! Jan

      • I have the RVS-091-406 . It has a 4″ color monitor that plugs into the cigarette lighter. I mounted the camera on the license plate bracket and the transmitter is mounted in the forward basement compartment. I was having problems when I initially mounted it in the rear of the trailer. RVS sent me a 30′ extension cable that runs from the camera to the transmitter. RVS customer service is beyond great.

  3. Hi,
    Have a GMC Canyon, 6 cylinder, tow capacity 7000. Am concerned about stability on the road with a 20 ft. Glad to know you had success with your towing experience.
    Do you know of any reason that would prevent me from towing a 1685?



    • Hi Brenda! Nice ride! We test drove a Canyon diesel last summer — LOVE!!! I’d have it in a heartbeat, but David didn’t like the diesel. I can’t imagine any stability issues but you should ask your dealer about sway bars and a weight distribution hitch. ENJOY! Cheers — Jan

  4. I picked these up last month based on your recommendation. We didn’t tow our tailor until last week (gotta get some camping in before the snow!) and they worked great. I have done a lot of commercial towing but these are the best aftermarket mirrors I have used. Thanks for putting this together!

  5. Hello. I’ve been enjoying reading our articles. I say your post on in a discussion about Arctic Fox and Nash TT. I saw that you bought a Lance but one thing that really caught my eye was your extensive experience with RVing in National Parks. I’m looking to buy a TT and am leaning toward Arctic Fox. My wife wants comfort but I am concerned that with too big of a trailer we might not be able to stay in many National Parks or Forrest Service campgrounds. Can you tell me what we should look for in terms of being able to stay in the more beautiful park spots, while giving my lovely wife the comfort she prefers?

    Steve and Shelley

    • Hi Steve & Shelley! We’re in Theodore Roosevelt National Park in N Dakota now. The spots vary, but I can say that our 21′ and truck make it TIGHT in these sites. However, there were a couple of larger RV’s in the pull through loop in Cottonwood Campground tonight. Personally we wouldn’t have wanted to try and negotiate the tight turns with those larger RV’s. On the other hand, we saw a couple Arctic Fox and Nash trailers that looked very comfortable and fit nicely in the smaller spots at Custer State Park the past few days. If we could have towed the heavier Arctix Fox or Nash trailer, they certainly would have been a consideration! Nice trailers! Cheers! Jan

  6. I hope they work as well for you as they do for us! If not, return them and find other mirrors that work.Wish we were going out this weekend! But we still have to get the lake cottage ready for Memorial Day… then we’ll think about getting our Lance our of storage. Lucky you! Cheers! J&D

  7. Hey Jan and David talk about needing mirrors. We picked up our trailer about 3 week ago. We drove her home in almost a complete blizzard, with out mirrors. I am not sure they would of helped much. We took your guys advice and purchased the Grande Areo. We haven’t towed out trailer with them yet, but they look great and work so far. We are going out this weekend to check every thing out., we will let you know.

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