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The Last Shower….

The Last Shower….

You don’t think much about a good hot shower until you leave a land-base to go cruising or camping.  Living aboard a boat or a travel trailer for several months a year, it can easily be 90+ days before we get another “good” shower. David is BIG on a good shower, it’s the thing he misses most when we’re either cruising or camping.

Both our boat and our travel trailer have separate shower stalls.  The travel trailer gets the bid for better water pressure, but both showers are about the same size … small, shower curtains that stick to your legs … we’ll get clean, but not enjoy the shower.

So what constitutes a top rated shower, whether campground or marina?   Here’s our 12 star rating system!

Hatteras Sands Campgrounds showers are close to the very best!

Hatteras Sands Campgrounds showers are close to the very best! Check out our rating system!

1.  HOT HOT HOT water and plenty of it.

2.  Great – or at least good – water pressure.

3.  A good shower head – no spraying me in the eyes and no wimpy water.

4.  Big enough that the shower curtain doesn’t stick to my legs.

5.  Something in the shower that allows soap, shampoo and razors to stay available, not on the floor or outside the shower.

6. Enough light that I can see to shave my legs.

7.  Heated?  Heat is a plus when the temperature drops into the 40’s and below…

8.  A separate enclosed changing area – with at least 2 hooks for a towel and clothes.   Privacy is good, I cannot mention how many showers we’ve visited where privacy is not available.

9.  A bench in the changing area.

10.  Dri-Deck or something like it on the floor outside the shower so the bottoms of my pants don’t get wet before I leave the changing area.

11.  And to really top off a classy shower operation, electrical outlets at every mirror/sink… instead of 3 sinks with just one electrical outlet in the middle…

And clean…. clean is always good.

The Hatteras Sands Campground gets TWELVE stars … but since the rating system only allows for 5 stars, that will have to suffice.

So where are your favorite showers?  We need to compile ratings so we know where to stop … and where not to stop.   Please leave a comment and share!  Cheers!  Jan

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