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New River Gorge:  Rifrafters Campground

New River Gorge: Rifrafters Campground

Our first time camping on a “real” road trip travel trailer adventure!  How exciting to embark on what we hope will be several months of adventures with our new travel trailer!

Rifrafters Campground is a convenient two miles south of the New River Gorge Bridge,  and provides tent and RV camping and economy cabins in the woodlands near Fayetteville, West Virginia (WV).   Randy, the owner, was always on site and available.  Easily the friendliest campground we’ve enjoyed.

The campsite once the trailer on #5 left so we could see it.

The campsite once the trailer on #5 left so we could see it.

The New River Gorge National Park has several campgrounds, all of which are for tents only.  There is a new RV campground being added to the park, but it’s at the southern end, not as near the gorge and bridge, but nearer to Sandstone Falls.  Here’s the Camping page from the park, call 304-465-0508 for updates on opening dates (note:  online opening dates are NOT accurate, I found out the hard way…)

Website: Rifrafters Campground near the New River Gorge

Reservations:  Online via the website or 304-574-1065

Local Park Telephone Number: 304-574-1065

The shower house was close and convenient and had ample showers & hot water.

The shower house was close and convenient and had ample showers & hot water.

Showers:  **** Stars – Average on my 12 star rating system (click here).   The showers are adequate – clean, but older.  Happily, hot water is not a problem!

Scenic Value:  ****  The entire area is scenic and Rifrafters sits nestled in some hills, a wonderful place to relax after a day hiking or rafting.  We even had a black bear wander up the ridge just behind the campground, luckily she decided to wander back down before joining us at the picnic table.  No photos though, it was a surprise move!

Rifrafters from the road.

Rifrafters from the road.

Mosquitos/Bugs: **** – no bugs that we noticed, we didn’t even need our citronella candle to sit outside at sunset!

Noise Levels: **** Quieter than average!  A big plus!

Campsite:  **** (except for #3)   #3 campsite is a bit too close to #5 for my taste.  The sites are level and concrete pads with electric, sewer, water and cable (if you happen to have a cable, which we didn’t …  something to add to the list!).

Claustrophobia Quotient *** Average — not bad except for campsite #3, just ask for another site if possible.

Access to Essentials: *** Average plus – Fayetteville isn’t very big, but in the general area there’s anything you could need, including a Lowe’s and WalMart, grocery stores, gas etc.

Campsite Price:  $40 a night, which seems a bit high, but the area has limited campsites close to the gorge, so location location location!

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